Hi, Im Jack D and I want to begin this blog for anyone that has an interest in Katoey’s otherwise commonly called Ladyboys. I will refer to this term as Katoey since learning that Katoey is the proper way to refer to the fine people that devote their lives to becoming a beautiful katoey.

I had a strong desire to meet a katoey years back. I wasn’t sure what I may have been thinking at the time but something made me think about meeting a katoey and eventually I did. When I say eventually, it took me years to find out how to go about meeting a katoey. I made many mistakes on how to go about meeting a katoey. I think I made so many mistakes that this is the reason I set up this blog so those of you that have an interest in meeting a katoey will not go through what I did. I will be posting as time goes on so any comments, please let me know.

Jack D

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